Our Future

We couldn’t be more excited about the future of our company – JetPack Aviation. We have a number of developments underway and our overriding vision is to continue designing and building the most technically advanced range of personal VTOL aircraft in the world.

We are also working on ways to make our JetPack more accessible to enthusiasts who would like to experience the thrill of Jetpack flying and even to own one of these extraordinary machines themselves. We have been approached by many people and organizations with exciting concepts of how they may be able to make use of our JetPacks.

One of our first priorities is to demonstrate the JB-9 to people internationally via air shows and other events. We believe even non aviation buffs will get a thrill out of seeing JB-9 in operation. Haven’t we all dreamt of personal flight in some way?

We are also in discussions with several parties about developing a JetPack racing series. Car, motorcycle, boat and aeroplane racing have been established sports for a long time so why not Jetpacks.

In terms of R&D, we are currently actively working on the following:

  •  ballistic parachute – an autonomous microprocessor will monitor both the performance of the engines and flight dynamics, and on detecting a failure it will automatically deploy an emergency parachute system. This system can also be actuated manually by the pilot. A test flying program will determine the ideal flight profile (similar to a helicopter’s height – velocity diagram).
  • ongoing improvements to the engines and associated computerized management systems.
  • four engined version – we are working with several groups that have missions where 4 engines may be of benefit.
  • a simulator to greatly reduce pilot training time.

Longer term R&D plans include a fully stabilized, “hands off” version and potentially the use of turbofan (bypass) engines.