*David is behind the camera

The Team

David Mayman and Nelson Tyler have been working together for ten years to make the JB-9 JetPack a reality.

Before this Nelson had been working for over 45 years and David for 25 years to realize their dream of an operating JetPack. Together they have created nine JetPack versions with Nelson as chief designer and David as test pilot and project manager. They are dedicated to (many would say obsessed about) creating the very best JetPack possible.

Nelson and David are supported by a group of specialists with expertise ranging from turbine engine design to electrical and computer engineering.

Nelson Tyler

Nelson is our chief designer and is the principal of Tyler Camera Systems in Van Nuys, California. He has been a successful and highly recognised inventor and product designer for over 55 years. His primary business is the design and manufacture of stabilized camera systems for helicopters. Nelson founded Tyler Camera Systems in 1964 and it has been operating from the same premises ever since.
Examples of the recognition that Nelson has achieved include:

  • Winner of three Academy Awards for Technical Achievement in the Motion Picture Industry.
  • Recipient, 2004 Fuji Gold Medal Award for Advancement of the Motion Picture Film industry.
  • Recipient, 2009 Life Time Achievement Award Society of Operating Cameraman.
  • Winner 1993 Technical Achievement Award – Society of Operating Cameramen.
  • Recipient, acknowledgement for development of Tyler Helicopter Camera Mount from CEO of Bell Helicopters in February 2001.
  • First Honorary Member Motion Picture Pilots Association 2002.

Nelson is a keen aviator and has held both aeroplane and helicopter pilot licences. It is his driving ambition to build the world’s first true JetPack.

His technical achievements include inventing and designing the following items (for which many he is the patent holder):

  • Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Flir Camera System Demonstrator
  • SEA FLASH (Personal Watercraft)
  • Tyler “Minigyro” Handheld Gyro Stabilized Camera Mount
  • Pressurized Thermal Airship (Largest Ever Flown)
  • Hollywood Park Vibration Isolation Track Camera Mount
  • US Army Long Range Surveillance Camera Mount
  • Atomic Energy Commission Camera System Mount
  • NAVY (China Lake) sensor, Test Program Designer
  • FBI Gyro Stabilized Precision Weapon Platform
  • WETBIKE (Water Motorcycle, Personal Watercraft) 50,000 manufactured
  • Tyler “Belly” Helicopter Camera Mount
  • Tyler “Middle” Helicopter Camera Mount
  • Tyler “Mini” Helicopter Camera Mount
  • Tyler “Major” Helicopter Camera Mount
  • Tyler “GyroBot” Handheld Gyro Stabilized Camera Mount
  • Tyler “Brute” Handheld Gyro Stabilized Camera Mount
  • Man Carrying Jet Pack – On Going
  • RipFlex – Flexible Handheld Exercise Weight
  • Trulie – Tilting Golf Training Platform
  • Dual Steering/Crabbing Push Scooter
  • Remote Controlled Bowling Ball
  • Police Helicopter Fast Rope Deployment System
  • Police Helicopter Special Operations Platform (SWAT)
  • Development, Four Items for Toy Industry
  • Carbon Fiber Form Fitting Vest for Steadicam
  • Consultant AquaJet (Personal Watercraft)
  • Gyropod – Gyro Stabilized Camera Mount for News Helicopters
  • Skygyro – Advanced Gyro Stabilized Helicopter Camera Mount
  • Carbon Fiber Door Replacement for Bell Helicopter
  • Classified Stabilized Camera Mount
  • Advance Tunnel – Prop Drive WETBIKE (Personal Watercraft)
  • Advance Surface Piercing Aqua Ski
  • Lockheed Gyro Stabilized/Gas Bearing Infrared Sensor Telescope Platform
  • Tyler Jet Helicopter Remote Controlled Nose Camera Mount
  • ABC Olympic Marathon Car Mounted Gyro Camera System
  • Disney Circle – Vision 360 degree Gyro Boat Mount
  • US Navy Submarine Warfare Sensor Gyro Mount
  • Tyler Gyro Platform, Hydraulically Stabilized Boat Mount
  • NASA Classified Sensor Helicopter Mount
  • Tyler Rocket Belt (Smallest Man-Carrying Flying Machine)
  • Aero Jet General Infrared Sensor Device Mount
  • High Speed Boat Rudder (Record Holder)
  • First Surf Kayak

David Mayman

David is our CEO and test pilot. After an early career in management consulting David spent over a decade in the mineral exploration and mining sector and subsequently the digital media and technology sector.

He has been involved with a number of start up businesses in both resources and media and lived and worked throughout Australia, North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

David was one of the founders of truelocal.com.au and yourlocal.ie and an early adviser to marketboomer.com, assisting the company to expand in Europe and Asia. He has acted as adviser on several capital raisings projects as well as mergers and divestments.

His passion has always been aviation and he holds an American commercial aeroplane pilot licence with instrument rating, and Australian and European helicopter and aeroplane pilot licences.

David’s business skills include strategy, start ups, corporate development, investment management and mergers and acquisitions. More than anything else he’d prefer to be in the air looking down at the passing scenery or enjoying alpine hikes with his family. Building a JetPack has been a lifelong dream and project.

Our Partners

Solidworks provide JPA with CAD software for parts design as well as stress and fluid dynamics modelling.

JPA and AMT have been working together for many years to refine an engine suitable for jetpack operations.

Sparco provide JPA with all of our pilot protection equipment including suit, gloves and helmet.