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Amaze your crowd with a JetPack flying show.

Warning…our JetPacks are not toys! Don’t read on if you’re looking for a toy at your event! Our JetPacks are not one of those jetski water systems, or a thing you strap to your feet or arms. These are real FAA approved aircraft.

Every one of us has dreamed of personal flight. Whether your audience is 5 or 90 years old people just love watching JetPacks fly. There is something primeval about our urge to be able to simply take off and fly wherever we want and to fly fast!

JetPack Aviation has made flights in front of live audiences of hundreds of thousands of people and TV audiences of hundreds of millions.

Regardless of what type of event you are running (e.g. music concerts, festivals, air shows, corporate events and even private parties) your audience will never forget seeing and hearing a JetPack for the first time.

We can even organize to have two JetPacks racing each!

People still remember the Rocketbelt flight in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games opening ceremony. That was 35 years ago and was a flight of only 15 seconds! Many years after your event people will still be saying, “hey that’s the first time I saw a JetPack fly”.

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