Limited places available.

FLY the 

world's only


  • Private JetPack Pilot program for select participants
  • The program permits full, off-tether free flights
  • Training on world-famous FAA certified JB10 JetPack
  • Individual instruction by world’s only FAA approved instructor
  • Lessons may be scheduled in Los Angeles or on the French Riviera
  • All flight gear and materials included
  • No previous flight experience required
  • Attendance strictly limited

“Coolest thing I've done in my entire life...and I've done a lot of things!"

Leigh C

“Flying a jetpack is one of the most unique and exhilarating experiences on the planet today!”

Dean D

“Take the smell of Jet fuel, mix it with heat and flames from the turbines, add adrenaline at liftoff, and you get an unforgettable experience.”

Mike W

“Exhausting, Thrilling, Focused. Flying a JetPack is enormous fun. Unquestionably an experience I will keep with me for the rest of my life.”

Dan H

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