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Fly a JetPack and Join the World’s Most Exclusive Adventure Group

Our founder, David Mayman, is a guy who likes to get his own way and doesn’t take no for an answer. When he wanted to fly without wings he tried parachuting, paragliding, helicopters, and fixed wing aircraft. But that is not what he wanted. David wanted TO FLY. No wings. No restrictions. Fast. High. And wherever he wanted. So he invested millions of his own money and built the world’s first and only personal turbine powered JetPack.

Do you want to climb to the summit of personal flight?
To achieve what others can only talk about?
Do you want to FLY A JETPACK?

If you are a person who gets what they want. Who doesn’t take no for an answer. Who is ready to join the most elite group of men and women in aviation history … then David Mayman will be your personal trainer in our three week course to free-fly our world famous, record setting JB10 turbine powered JetPack. Price is $50,000. Training is available in Southern California or South of France.

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"I have done a lot of thrilling adventure stuff in my life, but this was truly something above and beyond the rest."
Peter G

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  • "It was the most Amazing & Awesome Experience Ever! I’ve always wanted to fly a JetPack, ever since I was a little kid, watching “Lost in Space”, “The Jetson’s”, “The Rocketeer”, “GI Joe” and James Bond-“ThunderBall” ! Although, back then, I didn’t know they were actually Rocket Belts with 20-30 seconds of flight time ! The JB-10 JetPack has approximately 10 minutes of flight time ! David and the entire JetPack Aviation Staff are Professionals in the field of personal VTOL aircraft and the training is superb ! If you ever dreamed of flying a JetPack, David and his team made my childhood dream a reality! My only regret is that I wasn’t able to take a JB-10 JetPack home with me !!" Alex W
  • "Flying a Jetpack was truly a childhood fantasy come to life! Coolest thing I've done in my entire life...and I've done a lot of things, haha!!!" David Mayman and his team are amazing! They made me feel instantly at ease and were so encouraging. The reality is you are dealing with loud jet engines, fire aimed at your feet, and a heavy pack on your back, but with David, Boris I felt safe and in good hands every step of the way!!! And to be able to laugh at gravity and lift off the ground with the twist of a throttle is like nothing you've ever experienced! It's a LIFETIME experience and worth every penny!!!" Leigh C
  • "The jetpack training was a once in a lifetime experience! "When you take the smell of Jet fuel, mix it with the heat and flames from the turbines, then add adrenaline at liftoff, you get an unforgettable experience. The staff, equipment, and lessons where all aerospace quality, If you need a new pilot, let me know asap!" Mike W
  • "Being chosen to be one of the very first ever fully trained JetPack pilots was for me a dream come true. I had come to know the JPA team through our respective love of aviation and over the years David and I had become firm friends having both had a background in tech start-ups and helicopter / fixed wing flying. The planning was meticulous and as a result I personally became great friends too with Boris who now I collaborate with on a regular basis. As a result of all our planning and preparation I found myself travelling from Australia to an undisclosed location (and amazing)) just outside Hollywood in April 2019 with my racing suit, helmet and other apparel ready and eager to start! The previous trainee was a US Navy Seal and this clearly set the bar for what we were going to pitch ourselves against. Peter (my co-JetPack colleague) and I trained each and every day for two weeks initially with David and then Boris. Both are outstanding tutors with a great sensitivity to learning, our emotions, a passion for the JetPack itself and the desire to produce pilots who are focussed, safe and who would have a simply amazing time. As an aviator I am simply fascinated by design and engineering. The quality of the engineering of the JetPack was extraordinary – it is a real aircraft with two Jet Turbines running on Jet-A1 fuel! To have access to meet the people who build and support it too was wonderful. Alex and Chris both were amazing coaches and helped me understand the principles of operation in addition to my work with David and Boris. Safety was paramount throughout and at all stages. To be one of the only JetPack pilots in the world is something I am so incredibly proud to be. I can still close my eyes all these weeks later and visualise the controls, the panels, the machine itself; the whir of the turbines starting and the breathtaking feeling of being able to lift vertically to some meters above and simply hover there. I could lean forward and gain speed, lean back and stop; pirouette and even land on small, uneven objects. My wife flew for the final few days to Hollywood to see and be part of the experience too – something that few have ever had the experience of seeing. Flying a JetPack is enormous fun, a serious endeavour and an incredible challenge. No detail was left to spare by Boris, David and the engineering team all of whom supported Peter and I through our learning journey. Just under 50 flights in 2 weeks – exhausting, thrilling, focussed. Enormous fun. The interactivity was outstanding, the professionalism unquestionable and the experience something I will keep with me for the rest of my life." Dan H M
  • "My training day was just... wow! Tuesday, Nov 27, 2018 is a day I will remember always- the day I got to strap on an actual gas turbine jetpack! The day was long, physically and mentally exhausting and at the same time thrilling beyond words. I actually got to do what I had been reading and dreaming about for decades. Since that day, I've had numerous conversations with friends and family (as you might imagine, its one of my favorite topics) and everyone asks "Were you scared?". I can honestly say no. Paradoxically, I'm somewhat afraid of heights, being near a cliff's edge, etc. but being in the air doesn't bother me. Furthermore, JPA training involved a tether system and being surrounded by at least 3 JPA guys intent on my safety; so I was never afraid of hurting myself. On the other hand, looking like an idiot was a concern of mine, but that's another story:) The other questions I get are: "Was it loud? Was it hot?". Frankly, yes but for me those concerns instantly faded into the background as I applied throttle and my feet left the ground. All of my focus was on David and executing what he was telling me to do, or at least attempting to do so. During my flights I was simultaneously concentrating on right hand throttle input, left hand yaw control, up/down control arm position and weight shift/leg position. To be sure, it was task overload for me, but that's what the JPA safety system is all about. I doubt that set of actions is second nature to anyone that hasn't done it before, but the JPA team kept it safe. In between training flights I was debriefing and trying to process what I did right and what I did wrong. At the end of the day I was mentally spent. Throughout the day, it was apparent that the JPA team's #1 priority was safety; from on ground instruction to the tether system to fire prevention, ear, eye, head, body protection and more. The on-site nurse/medic had a very long and boring day but it was nice to know she was there. The day ran roughly from 7AM to 7PM and the JPA team was warm and welcoming from the start. They shared not only their technical wisdom but their passion for the technology and the experience. They maintained a professional and safe environment with just the right balance of playful fun and encouragement. By the end of the day I felt like I was part of their team, if only for a little while. Words fall short of adequately describing what a great experience this was for me and I send my sincerest appreciation to the JPA team for giving me this opportunity. When I was very young I thought flying was magical- it was something that "shouldn't" happen. When I got a little older I jumped off my roof with wing made of bamboo and plastic. Years later I earned my private license, and a little older still I took up hang gliding. Flying has been a lifelong fascination for me. That Tuesday, I concluded flying a jetpack is one of the most unique and exhilarating experiences on the planet today! If you have a similar fascination, I highly recommend it. As an aside, having read articles and watched videos over the years about David Mayman, he has become a bit of a celebrity for me. So I was so gratified when I discovered he's just as down to earth and nice in person as he seems to be in the media." Dean D