Fly a JetPack

Fly a JetPack and Join the World’s Most Exclusive Adventure Group

Our founder, David Mayman, is a guy who likes to get his own way and doesn’t take no for an answer. When he wanted to fly without wings he tried parachuting, paragliding, helicopters, and fixed wing aircraft. But that is not what he wanted. David wanted TO FLY. No wings. No restrictions. Fast. High. And wherever he wanted. So he invested millions of his own money and built the world’s first and only personal turbine powered JetPack.

Do you want to climb to the summit of personal flight?
To achieve what others can only talk about?
Do you want to FLY A JETPACK?

If you are a person who gets what they want. Who doesn’t take no for an answer. Who is ready to join the most elite group of men and women in aviation history … then David Mayman will be your personal trainer in our three week course to free-fly our world famous, record setting JB10 turbine powered JetPack. Price is $80,000. Training is available in Southern California or South of France.

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“I have done a lot of thrilling adventure stuff in my life, but this was truly something above and beyond the rest.”
Peter G

“My only regret is that I wasn’t able to take a JB10 JetPack home with me!”
Alex W

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